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Here is a few examples of the kind of work I've done over the past few years.

May 2012

Chalet, Refurbishement, Autorisation drawings and 3D rendering

December 2011

Bloc of Flats, Drawings and 3D rendering

September 2011

Company Restaurant, 3D rendering self-service area

July 2011

Townhouse, refurbishement, autorisation drawings

March 2011

Farm, refurbishement, autorisation drawings

Febrary 2011

Housing project, Drawings and 3D rendering

January 2011

Housing project, Drawings and 3D rendering

October 2010

Website first version

July 2010

Farm, refurbishement, measurements of the existing to build 3D model

August 2009

Swimming Pool, drawings and 3D model

December 2008

Family House, New, 3D model and building site drawings

November 2008

Family House, Extension, 3D model and project drawings

October 2008

Lake House, complete drawings, and 3D rendering.

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